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Web3 Onboarding Solutions

Being the Web3 community gateway, besides offering various intriguing incentives, Hooked equips users with a complete suite of Web3 onboarding solutions to facilitate their Web3 transformation as well.
  • Hooked Soulbound Token (Hooked SBT): Serving as the one and only digital identity, Hooked allows its community members to enter the Web3 realm with Hooked SBT, which is unique and useful for improving integrity and trust among community members.
  • Hooked Wallet: First ever crypto wallet for most Hooked community members with user-friendly interface and infrastructure to store Web3 assets and conduct future transactions.
  • On-chain protocol interactions: Hooked accumulates solid and substantial on-chain behavior data by engaging all protocol interactions on BNB Chain, enabling extensive behavioral analysis and insights, and laying the foundation for community and ecosystem formation.