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Hooked Roadmap

Long-range objectives of Hooked
To make Web3 massive adoption come true, Hooked roadmap has been consistently devised on Web3 education for helping Web2 users and businesses transform to Web3, cultivating and forming a robust Hooked ecosystem for the thriving of Web3 economies.
Here is the long-term goals of Hooked:
  • Be the gateway of Web3 industry, by building an Web3 education layer as a core aggregator of Web3 education use cases and innovations.
  • Be the AI technology advocate and adopter in Web3 spaces, innovating Web3 educational practices with Hooked AI.
  • Showcase and push forward successful occurrence of Web3 massive adoption by onboarding Web2 businesses onto Web3 in large scale.
  • Form a solid and first-ever Web3 massive-adoption focused ecosystem, by congregating ranging from infrastructures, applications to marketplace and economies of scale.
  • Make HOOK token the first crypto asset for billions of Web3 new comers and expand HOOK token usage from application level to ecosystem utility & circulation.
To keep paces steady & clear, we set the short-term roadmaps respectively for main focuses:
AI-Empowered Web3 Education
[H2, 2023]
  • Consolidate an all-in-one Web3 education system with asset & identity infra, educational credentials, and Web3 simulation practices.
  • Global expansion & Team up localized operations in Vietnam, Turkey, etc.
  • Build & ship new Learn & Earn experiences across global markets.
[H1, 2024]
  • Build AI-enhanced education experiences within Hooked products.
  • Promote and integrate Hooked AI SDK into projects of ecosystem partners.
  • Establish solid alliances with global education institutions and organizations for transmitting Web3 education concepts and efforts.
Massive Web3 adoption
[H2, 2023]
  • Public launch and in-bulk integrations with renowned Web3 communities and partners of Hooked Alumni System (A Web2-Web3 transformation gateway).
  • Public launch and in-bulk adoptions by large-scale Web2 brands of Hooked Lego system (A full suite solution of dev infra).
  • Public launch of Hooked Metaverse experience oriented in a combination of Web3 gaming and NFT as ecosystem flagship product.
[H1, 2024]
  • Public Launch of Hooked rollup infrastructure project focused on interoperability & customization for ecosystem Dapps.
  • Form an alliance of ecosystem partners around Web3 Massive Adoption; onboard & transform Web2 companies with large user base and high engagement.