Token Utility

HOOK token utilities are mostly built in for community governance, gas tokens for platform on-chain activities, staking incentives as holding rewards, social elements demonstrations with status signaling and individuality, and for more long-range objectives, valuable innovations contributing to the ecosystem thriving.
  • Governance platform token for Hooked ecosystem
    • One of the most fundamental utilities of HOOK will be community governance, representing stakes and votes in ecosystem proposals.
  • Gas token for Hooked Application Rollup
    • As we are building rollup infrastructure on top of L1s to support our DApp ecosystem, HOOK will be used as the gas token for all economic activities.
    • In the future, all DApps in the ecosystem built on top of Hooked platform will also be using HOOK as the gas token for on-chain transactions.
  • Access token for exclusive NFTs and privileges of community events
    • Community members will be motivated to hold tokens to get access to exclusive community events and grants to purchase limited editions of platform NFTs, which demonstrate community social status and network impacts.
Furthermore, HOOK will be put into innovation practices which overall benefit the ecosystem of both individual participants and businesses, ensuring considerable liquidity and token value will grow in direct proportion for the success of the whole community.