Hypothesis and Approach

Despite the massive valuations of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a handful of other Cryptocurrencies, the huge gap between technology innovation and actual adoption is causing the crypto native realm to stagnate, when the lack of new users remains a critical and unresolved challenge to the whole industry, and the inadequacy of Web3 application abundance on chain diminishes industry prospects.
However, potentials for intrinsically dynamic modern virtual economy after covid are recognized and scaled up, leading to upsurging demands for trusted cooperation and sustainable economic model in Web3.
Being the on-ramp layer, Hooked is
  • targeting billions of Web2 internet users who can be onboarded to Web3;
  • building tailored products offering gamified experience to grow the community with massive user adoption and Web3 education;
  • integrating onboarding infrastructures for businesses on-ramp to Web3, to establish a cohesive ecosystem.